"One thing is an object, two things are a pair. Three make a collection, and 100 things become art. " Robert Rindler, dean of the School of Art at Cooper Union.

I have been working on this project for over 20 years. The project addesses a number of improtantissues that have to do with both vernacular amatuer photography and the snapshot. It also tries to visually address fundamental questions of Why, How and What we choose to photograph. In this series, I appropriate other people’s decisive moments. Snapshots are not original. Somewhere we learned to

Spectacle and Simulacra
Whenever you visit a tourist site, there are thousands of people going through this ritual.
Originality and the “already seen”
The history and tradition of the Grand Tour as part of a liberal arts education
the history of Travel photography
The Snapshot
Amateur photography
Photography as "Proof" that I have been there - related to Duane Michals "this is my proof..."
What people do both in front of and behind the camera
Simultaneously documentary and travel and Meta Photography
the snapshot is by far the most popular use of photography in the world.
statistic on how many are made per minute every day
Appropriating someone else's decisive moment
This is a ritual that is disappearing quickly. While the snapshot itself remains as popular as ever the idea of lifting a camera to your eye is becoming less and less common. Instead people are using large lcd viewfinders and previewing the image instantly, often sending it to others immediately.
Photo Cliches
Body contotions people go through for photographs
I included many amateur photo "errors" in the images consciously. Many of the images were made with low tech cameras that work similarly to the cameras most often used by amateurs. There is a wide variety of films and processes included as well. From tradional black and white silver based photo through color slides and negatives to digital camera processes.

travel photography - one of the oldest forms and uses for photography - exotic locations, Proof that they did something This my proof, proof that i did this
Why do people feel they must photograph their trips?
relationship to play - these people are on vacation. they are at play.