The Polaroid process

The Polaroid process is inherently unique.

The term "Unique photograph" seems like an oxymoron at first, yet the Polaroid process creates unique photographic images by its very nature. More similar to Daguerre's process than Fox Talbot's, the Polaroid process creates direct positive images without a negative. Since there are no negatives, each image is unique.

Now imagine a camera that is over 15 feet long when it is extended fully. If the camera points very far off horizontal it can fall over because of its own weight.

The Polaroid 20x24 Camera – one of six in the world – is a highly sophisticated photographic instrument, producing a full-color, and 20x24-inch contact photograph in 70 seconds. The film's exquisite resolution, virtually grainless surface and extremely large format allow accurate documentation, far surpassing all other photographic systems. Combining large print size, film processing speed and the camera's ability to capture the most minute detail makes the 20x24 system a matchless tool for large-scale photographic purposes.

In addition to the lush and vivid details that the camera’s optical magnification makes possible, large format instant photography offers other advantages. It eliminates guesswork, saves time, and reduces cost – no shots are wasted looking for the perfect picture. And color separation films can be produced from that perfect picture to create full-color reproductions nearly indistinguishable from the original in tonal range and sharpness of detail.

Polacolor ER film, produces an excellent quality, fine grain, glossy, instant color print. Polacolor ER film records color nuances while capturing every fine physical distinction. Polacolor ER prints can be mounted and laminated for extra protection to display in portfolios. Polacolor ER ranks among the most archivally stable photographic films currently available. The metalised color dyes used in Polacolor ER’s manufacture are among the most fade-resistant in the photographic industry.

The Polaroid 20x24 Camera is a 5-foot tall, 235-lb view camera mounted on wheels for mobility. Its full-size Fresnel viewing screen provides a brighter, clearer picture than is possible with most view cameras, and facilitates focusing and framing. The system includes a built-in film processing mechanism.

The 20x24-inch print has an actual image area measuring a full 20x24 inches; total print size is 22x30 inches with borders included. Because the film processor is housed in the camera’s back, all full-frame photographs have a vertical orientation.

for more information about the camera please the polaroid web site