Art 112 Intro to digital art
Profesor Towery
Office Phone (718) 960-8260
Office hour is after class and Thursday between 5 and 6 by appointment

Description -
This is an introductory course designed for beginning art students to understand the creative possibilities of the digital medium. We will learn the basics of the Macintosh Operating system and specific graphic applications in order to allow us to create artwork. This course is mostly about design skills although we will use the computer to execute those designs. There will be regular homework assignments a midterm critique and a Final portfolio due at the end of the semester. There may be unannounced pop quizzes. You will be expected to work outside of class in the lab.

PreRequisite -
NONE. This course assumes no prior digital experience although basic familiarity with computers is helpful.

Required materials -
750 mb Zip disc formatted for Macintosh
Blank CDR - at least two and possibly more.
blank DVDr - at least one

Textbook -
Non Designer's design book by Robin Williams ISBN: 1566091594

Optional (Suggested):
Real world Adobe Illustrator by Deke McClelland or The Illustrator WOW book.
Disposable camera and processing
Color output (prints) of final portfolio.

Grading policy:
Your final portfolio is equivalent to an exam in this course. I may have a final written or practical exam at the end of the semester. All exams, programs, and homework must be completed in order to complete this course, regardless of lateness. Unexcused late course work will lose 10% of its points for each weekday that it is late.
Arrangements for "excused lateness" must be made in advance and approved by the instructor.

Course grades will be assigned as follows: Grades are assigned on both the techncal prowess demonstrated (your understanding of the program) and creativity (your unique approach to the problem presented)

A: Excellent work both tecnically and creatively
B: excellent technical OR creative
C: good
D: poor
F you should know…
Academic dishonesty will result in a course grade of F. Plagiarism and copyright infringment willnot be tolerated. All art work must be original and completely your own creation.

Attendance - required
Sketchbook 15%
Quiz 5%
Papers 10%
Oral presentation 5%
weekly assignments 20%
Midterm crit 15%
Final portfolio 25%

Attendance -
Regular attendance is required. 2 absences will lower your grade one letter. 4 absences will lower it 2 letters 5 and you missed half the class therefore you fail. You are responsible for all material presented in class, including announcements about course procedures. Exams, quizzes, and homework often include questions on material presented only in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance.

Your sketchbook is yours to respond to your experience. It must be used daily, to take notes, collect visual ideas, and detail ideas for future work.

Written Papers -
During the semester, three 1-2 page written responses to one of the following publications must be entered into your sketchbook and turned in. AfterImage, Wired, Doubletake, Aperture, Art in America, ArtForum.

This syllabus is subject to change due to unforseen circumstances.

1  Introduction to course , materials required
Macintosh basics - Logging in, using help, point, click, drag, dbl click, saving files, folders, using the dock
 Internet basics - using a browser, searching,
 Bring samples of digital work to class next week. Send me your email address.
2  The self portrait assignment given
Using the digital camera
Using the flatbed scanner
Continue mac basics - Using Zip discs, Burning CDROMS,
 self portrait
3  Using IPhoto - slide shows, sequences, books etc...  narrative and non narrative sequences
4  Show your final product Critique of self portrait  
5  Using Adobe Illustrator - Vectors vs bitmaps, Bezier curves, Anchor points, Handles, etc...
Using a 5" x5" white screen and working only in black and white, create a drawing of the first letter of your name (first or last) You CANNOT use the type tool for this assignment. Use your sketchbook to begin the ideas and then execute them using Illustrator. Remember to use the whole area of your square. look at the Robin Williams book for inspiration. you must create at least 5 variations on this assignment...
6 Illustrator Cont.  Using the best image from the self portrait assignment, place it in a layer in Illustrator and make a drawing based on your face.
7  Critique
of type and self portrait drawing assignments
8  Begin IMovie project - using the DV camcorders look over
9  More IMovie - importing and editing in Imovie  
10  Finalizing your projects in Imovie  
11  MTV video critique  
12  Oral presentations  choose an artist that utilizes digital media and do a 5-10 minute ILLUSTRATED oral presentation on this artist.
13  IDVD  all work must be assembled into an interactive portfolio using IDVD. This is due as your final portfolio.
14  lab session to work on final portfolio  
This must includfe your completed DVD, your sketchbook, and a cdr containing all your files.