Physical Computing Graduate Lab
Professor Terry Towery
Fridays 12-6

Description - This course is a lab and theory class. We will create projects that extend the human computer interaction beyond the mouse and keyboard. We will also focus on alternative output devices beyond the monitor. We will discusss readings that extend the theory of Human Computer Interaction. One of my goals of the course is to assemble a system that is easy to use for artists that are not engineers. Please see my earlier research notes and the Cybertimes review.

Textbook: Mobile Robots Inspiration to Implementation by Joseph l. Jones and Anita M. Flynn,
Lingo sorcery the magic of lists...,
Suggested Books: THe Art of Electronics
Listservs: rhizome, ARG, ADBIO, Handyboard, ACM special interest group in Human Computer interaction
Required rent and watch "Until the end of the World"

- You Must keep an online journal for this class. Keep all application notes, thoughts on the readings and in class disussions in this journal. After the first day of class, send me the URL so that I can keep track of your journal.
- Buy and build a robot from scratch
- You will present the work of an artist using technology to the class as a whole accompnied by a reserach paper on the subject.
- Attend the Nam June Paik show at the Guggenheim (we may go as a group)
- you will write your own manifesto
You will submit a proposal as though to a gallery or museum.
- Attend the February show at Postmasters gallery
- Midterm and Final projects Must be accomplished on time and function in class.

week 1 Survey of the course. Dicscussion of student expectations. Examples of artists using technology. The inside of a computer. Hardware devices inside a machine. The Mid term project will be done in small groups. It should consist of either a mark making device or a musical instrument.
Bring a sensor to class next week.
Reading:The Antimac Interface, , ADBIO site, research Installation art.
Assignment: Buy a
Robot Kit and assemble a robot by fourth class. Kinex, Mindstorms, RugRat...

week 2 Disussion of sensors. Making connections Soldering, insulation, making connections and breadboards. ADB, Serial, USB, scsi, wireless etc...
Small groups established
Reading: The founding Manifesto of Futurism , The Work of Art in the Age of mechanical reproduction
Assignment: Using the sensor you brought to class, Build a stupid input computer trick utilizing the ADBIO.

week 3 Critique stupid input computer trick. Discuss Basic electronics
Reading: John Cage, Blast from the Past
Assignment Create a sound or visual output using your stupid input trick...

week 4 First draft of proposal for final project due
Chaos Robot Day Working Robot kits are due at Beginning of class
Reading: Duchamp, Performance Art, and Troika Ranch, Fluxus and more fluxus

week 5
second draft of proposal for final project due. Midi and the ICube
Reading: Beuys, Laurie Anderson Rent and watch "Home of the Brave"

week 6. Lab session in preparation for midterm crit.
Reading:Performance Art

week 7 Midterm CRITIQUE
Reading: Making interactive Art with the MIT handyboard, Handy Board manual

week 8 Mainfestos due Handyboard, Other standalone processors eg the Stamp
Reading: video art, Authorship/Sherrie Levine

week 9 Handy Board continued Sonar with the handyboard
Reading: multiples,Brian Eno, Conceptual Art,

week 10 TBA

week 11 TBA

week 12 In class presentations of research topic

week 13 Gallery style Proposals due

week 14 Open Lab for Final project

Final Critique