Pixel to Cyberspace part 2
Professor Towery

This course will focus on interactivity and motion. we will utilize a number of software packages to create interactive projects and web based projects

Attend class regularly and on time! 3 absences are an automatic failure.
You must keep an online journal of all of your work throughout the semester in your directory. Update it every week!

Get a "jam cam" from KMart in the basement $15.00 digital camera...



Grading Criteria:
All weekly assignments
three major projects - portfolio web site, Animated flash site, 3 minute video
Final project -
director project
online journal

Week Topic technology and reading URL


Session 1

Intro to html - history of the web
Portal accounts
set up server accounts

BBedit, Looking at source code, online resources eg Webmonkey
Read intro to html and print the cheat sheet


Begin collecting and digitizing materials for portfolio web site
Begin your digital Diary
Session 2 Tables - Gif vs Jpeg
ImageReady Slicing, rollovers

Introduce tables and read intermediate tables
ImageReady in Depth - slicing, animated gifs, rollovers

Session 3 WYSIWYG editor
Uploading files to server with Fetch
Dreamweaver, Fetch, Frames and target Portfolio site must be up on server and working correctly
Session 4 First Crit of portfolio web site Choose a Grimms fairy tale for your animation project. Create a 1 page summary and at least two different storyboard treatments for next week.
Session 5 Web animation- Sound Flash animation tools and sound edit 16 Using Illustrator or Flash, Create all your elements for the Grimms fairy tale project.
Session 6 Flash - interactivity Action Scripting Add interactivity
Session 7 second crit begin conceptualizing three minute video project - Bring story boards to nex class
Session 8 using the camera and audio equipment - importing footage - basic cuts Premiere or Final Cut Shoot Raw Footage for your video.
Session 9 transitions, editing concepts Premiere or Final Cut Edit your project and render it into a final movie
Session 10 Video Crit Create a Design Document for your final interactive project
Session 11 Director - basics of interface, Animation
Session 12 Director - basics of interactivity
Session 13 Director - audio and Video in director
Session 14 Scripting with lingo
Session 15 Final Crit