Lingo Programming using Director
team taught by Professors Schneider and Towery

Description -
The course will focus on intermediate to advanced lingo. We will utilize game theory to explore a variety of lingo scripting capabilities.

PreRequisite -
ART/CGI 325 or equivalent experience with Director, Thorough knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Digital video, audio and maya helpful.

textbooks -
Special Edition Using Macromedia Director 8.5
by Gary Rosenzweig published by Que.

Multimedia from Wagner to Virtual Reality edited by Randall Packer and Ken Jordan
Note that the textbooks can be shared

required materials -
750 mb Zip disc, Blank CDRoms, possibly DVDr

Midterm and Final-
In addition to the weekly assignments given in class, there will be two major projects due during the semester. Both are self directed and proposals must be submitted and approved in writing before beginning development. Larger scale projects may be collaborative with approval from the faculty.

Attendance -
Regular attendance is required. 2 absences will lower your grade one letter. 4 absences will lower it 2 letters 5 and you fail. You are responsible for all material presented in class, including announcements about course procedures. Exams, quizzes, and homework often include questions on material presented only in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance.

Your sketchbook is yours to respond to your experience. It must be used daily, to take notes, collect visual ideas, and detail ideas for future work.

course evaluation criteria -
Grades are assigned on both the techncal prowess demonstrated (your understanding of the program) and creativity (your unique approach to the problem presented)

A: Excellent work both tecnically and creatively
B: excellent technical OR creative
C: good
D: poor
F you should know…
Academic dishonesty will result in a course grade of F. Plagiarism and copyright infringment willnot be tolerated. All art work must be original and completely your own creation.

weekly assignments - 20%
Midterm Project - 30%
Final Project - 40%
Class discussion from readings - 10%

Online resources

This syllabus is subject to change due to unforseen circumstances.

week 1

Introduction to course - The director metaphor
what's new in Director MX, The property inspector, break students into pairs to share books

- Breaking down the whackamole game, what tasks need to be accomplished?
Begin review
timer, point tracking, button behaviors, menus, sliders, behaviors, Handlers, local variables, global variables,

develop your own Whack a mole concept and create your graphics

do the using director tutorial

week 2

 review delivery methods - Projectors, Shockwave, JAVA etc...

Utilizing prewritten behaviors to create the Herding cats game
week 3  interface widgets -menus, buttons, cursors, sliders, dials etc...    
week 4  controlling audio and video, QTVR- review and new concepts. the message window and debuggers.
and handlers, Paintbox
week 5  Alpha channels in Photoshop for transparency    
week 6  dot syntax and object oriented programming    
week 7  Critique of Midterm Project    
week 8  the power of lists, Vectors    
week 9  Parent scripts and child objects, Collision detection,    arcade style game eg space invaders
week 10  imaging lingo    
week 11   net lingo, Net work server    
week 12  creating XTras    
week 13 MIAW, Communicating with Flash    
week 14 3D in Director    

Button Project - adapt "whack a mole" game to buttons - have 16 buttons in down state randomly move to each button in an up state and give the user a preset amount of time to hit it. each hit scores a point. "Whack a Bush" (Jeb, Sr., W),"Whack a Republican" (Lott, etc...), "whack an art historian", "Whack Bin Laden", Whack an Osbourne", Whackapopstar"...
add: Multiuser server capapbility - menus - cursor

create a game using nothing but drag and drop behaviors eg herding cats

break course into segments eg review - network - 3d - physical - interface - gaming -
3 messaging
4 multiuser server

Interface widgets such as Sliders, , sliding bar
Computer control
memory management
Message window
IO physical controlling external devices

For Bob:
Integrate Flash ActionScripting

Using flash Communication Server
parent scripts and Child objects scripting

Games List:
Air Hockey
Board Games
Card Games
Computer & Video Games  
Horseshoe Pitching  
Interactive Fiction  
Jump Rope  
Play By Mail  
Role Playing Games  
Tile Games  
Word Games