Information Design
Description:this course will focus on designing information. It will look at networks, data mining, Data visualization
Textbook: Information Design,
Robert Jacobson (ed)
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999, pp.357,
ISBN 026210069X

Course requirements -
create a dynamically driven web site using MySql, PHP and Apache

Visualize the Human Genome

create a carnivore client

week topic Reading Assignment

introduction to information design

OSX network and server features

start textbook, read chapters 1-2 including introduction

Your First database

pick a data set and bring in 3 different analog examples of information design utilizing your data set e.g.; recipes, photos, statitics,
2 Databases - Apache web server
 SQL, PHP and dynamic web sites
setting up OSX
look at data sets

ch 3 in ID
read Serve It Up

hotwired PHP/MYSQL tutorial

Discuss Ch 1 and 2

Digitize your data set

download and install mySQL for OSX


 setting up the server
database visualizer

National Graphic Design Image Database

ch 4 in ID
Read Dynamic DreamweaverMacworld December 2002

Discuss Ch 3

integrate your data set into a

4 continue work on database
building a php photo gallery
Images in sql
ch 5 in ID Discuss Ch 4

Critique databases

Human Genome info design project Google human genome

ch 6 in ID Discuss Ch 5
6  visualize the human genome
Human genome in education

Exit art's Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic revolution
Genomic art community
Interactive timeline of genomic activity
ch 7 in ID Discuss Ch 6
7 Human genome project ch 8 in ID Discuss Ch 7
8 Human genome project ch 9 in ID Discuss Ch 8
9 TCP IP Ethernet and packet sniffing ch 10 in ID Discuss Ch 9
10 Carnivore client
ch 11 in ID Discuss Ch 10
11 Carnivore project ch 12 in ID Discuss Ch 11
12 Carnivore project ch 13 in ID Discuss Ch 12
13 Carnivore project ch 14 in ID Discuss Ch 13
14 Final Critique of carnivore project ch 15 in ID Discuss Ch 14

Excellent collection of art and technology links put together by Stephen Wilson the author of Information Arts

Serve It Up
by Scot Hacker
Mac users no longer have to take a backseat when it comes to designing and maintaining high-powered, database-backed Web sites. We'll step you through the process of installing an open-source server and database.

the dataflux project - Largets database on earth at the time of its conception

Information Design. Edward Tufte: Data Visualization-
Especially the book list

rejected project idea
Map project revisualize NYC subway system digitally (for PDA and large scale touch screen?)
Mapping project? Visualize the subway in a different way
for a handheld device? on paper eg fold out popup

Database as Art:
August Sander
Ed Ruscha egg

The Google Zeitgeist, trends in searching
Google story from the Times, You need to register to access the NYTIMES site

Tufte books

Web Resources: