ART 208 and 308
Professor Terry Towery
Office Hours are Monday 4-6 pm by appointment



This course is an introduction to the principles and elements of black and whte photography. although the lectures may seem to focus on technique the focus of the course will emphasize personal creative expression.

Textbook: London and Upton Pohotography any edition is fine

ART 308 students should see me individually to work out a semester long project. You will be expected to participate in all other class assignments. The critiques will be aimed at your individual project. Since this is the advanced section of the course I expect you to have some idea as to where your vision is leading you. You should determine what you are interested in concentrating on for the semester and Propose that to me in a clear and uderstandable manner. I expect you to set specific goals and achieve them. I expect to see progress on the project at each class session.


- You must do TWO photography exhibition reports. These shouild be more than one but not more tha two double spaced pages. I want you to see and expereince photography first hand and not through reproduction.

Grading policy:
You are expected to spend considerable amount of time outside of class shooting and working in the lab.

- Final portfolio is 40% of the grade for this course
- Assignments are 10% each
- Book day oral presentation is 10%
- The 2 Exhibition visitation reports are 10% (5% each) these should be included in your final portfolio
Class participation, attendance and participation in critiques are 10%


Materials needed for this course:

10-15 rolls of 36 exposure T-Max or Tri-X Film (I suggest t-max)
10-15 negative sleeves (I like the 5 across in 7 rows style)
at least 100 sheets of black and white multigrade photo paper Photo Paper (DO NOT OPEN IN REGULAR LIGHT!!!) We will discuss types and the diffferences
*Variable contrast filters
18% gray card

3 ring notebook binder. I recommend the kind that seal and are available in photo stores
Towel Clip style is best
Sharpie style marker
*Photographic thermometer
*Tank and reels (plastic is easier metal is better)

Dust remover of some variety eg Squeeze bulb, CLEAN makeup brush, Antistatic cloth, canned air eg dust off etc...
Large manila envelopes or similar to submit asssignments in
Fixer stains your clothes. Please wear older clothes or an apron to the lab sessions or a rubber/plastic apron may be appropriate. Fixer also weakens fingernails significantly. You may wish to wear rubber gloves or a chemical barrier cream.

suggested extra supplies:
Red filter for the lens
photographic toners

paint or Marshall's oil colors

* starred items may be shared

This Calendar is tentative and may need to be changed to accomodate . It may be necessary to change these dates to accommodate unforseen circumstances such as visiting lecturers. In addition to the above dates there may be a quiz on the technical aspects of photography. There will usually be lab time given at the end of the class session. I plan to lecture the first half of the class sessions and give lab time the last part so please be prepared by bringing materials to all classes to work in the lab. Failure to do so may be considered an absence from class.



Week 1 Class requirements set forth. Orientation to the facilities.
First assignment given - The still life - allegory metaphor or simile
Shoot at least one roll of film by next class
Week 2 Processing film Bring Photoo Paper and small translucent objects to next class
Week 3 Photograms and contact sheets Bring photo paper and negatives to next class
Week 4 Making enlargements Bring photo paper and negatives to next class
Week 5 Printing session Bring photo paper and negatives to next class
Week 6 Printing session Next session is a CRITIQUE Prints should be ready at teh BEGINNING OF CLASS
Week 7 First CRITIQUE Narrative or non narrative sequence  
Week 8 Lighting for black and white Bring photo paper and negatives to next class
Week 9 Printing session Next session is a CRITIQUE Prints should be ready at teh BEGINNING OF CLASS
Week 10 Critique  
Week 11 Extending the image eg toners etc.. Bring a
Week 12 Book Day
Week 13 Demonstration on Spot toning and presentation
Week 14 Final Critique Portfolios due at BEGINNING OF CLASS
Final portfolio should consist of at least 20 FINAL prints and can be drawn from the assignments or can be of oyur own creation.