8704 Experiments in Digital Imaging: From Pixel to Paper

Professor Terry Towery
email terryt@mac.com

Register for Photo Expo at the Jacob Javits center soon. You are required to attend the expo and write me a 1-2 page visitation report.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of, and interest in, photography, photoshop and some other art making process besides zone system photography is required (eg: painting, drawing, sculpture or multimedia, etc...)

Description: This class is designed to encourage the student to experiment with digital output. This will be an exploratory class to encourage the student to integrate digital tools into the traditional creative process. We will focus on integrating photo quality digital imaging along with tradtional art making processes. Using the Epson Photo qulaity printers, the Iris printer, the film recorder, polaroid materials and alternative/nonsilver processes we will concentrate on producing a portfolio of experimental images. The focus of the course will be on printed still images however it should be noted that mixed media is strongly encouraged. While Photoshop and other software packages will be explored, We will focus on output devices and their alternative possibilities. Breaking the rules and learning a healthy DISrespect for the technical process will be encouraged.

Structure: The course will alternate weeks between lecture/Demos and critiques. It is expected that the student will create a portfolio of 15-20 images for the final session. Traditional straight photographic images are not acceptable as fulfilling this criteria. The student will submit SLIDES of their final pieces for me to keep. The final portfolio will be as though you were submitting your work for gallery review or publication

Evaluation: Your grades will be based on both technical ability and creativity. Creativity is your own unique approach to the assignmmnet or problem, Technical ability is straightforward and relates to how well the technique suits the imagery.
There will be three open content assignments that will comprise 15% each of your grade = 45%
There will be an oral presentation that will comprise 10%
There will be a final protfolio Due at the beginning of the last session that will comprise 35% of your grade
Class participation will comprise the remaing 10%

Required Textbook: Robert Hirsch's Photographic Possibilities: the Creative use of material and processes
Optional Recommended Textbook: Real World Photoshop

General: There is to be NO EATING OR DRINKING in the classroom. We will take short breaks for Input and output. I expect you to be on time to class. We will often have lecture/demonstrations at the beginning of class and then alow time for in class lab/practice time at the end of class.

Week 1 Introduction to course Philosophy. First assignment given, Extending the image Slides.

Week 2 Lecture on the Imaging Chain. Discussion of different output devices.
Direct scanning assignment

Week 3 Digital Tansfers. Demo of Output devices available. Iris prints, film recorders, laser printers, plotters, inkjets, Dye Sublimation,Projectors, shooting off the screen...

Week 4 Crit direct scanning project. Student example slides.
Input and its impact on the output or Garbage In Garbage Out. Flatbed, Slide, PhotoCD, Drum... Resolution, Bit Depth, File size

Week 5 First CritiqueExtending the image

Week 6 Second assignmnet given The 3rd dimension Anaglyph demonstration
See http://www.timedia.com/anaglyphhowto.html

Week 7 Digital transfers

Week 8 Immersive imaging eg; QTVR

Week 9 Second Crit 3d

Week 10 Third assignment Multiple imagery. Series, scrolls, books...

Week 11 Permanence and stability
Reading See wilhelm-research.com

Week 12 oral projects given in class

Week 13 Third Critique

Week 14 preparing a portfolio for submission

Final Critique The final portfolio should consist of at least 15 pieces. High quality, properly labelled slides along with support materials of the works must be submitted at THE BEGINNING OF CLASS for you to pass the course.

Fred Endsley's alt process links
Lazertran Paper for making laser printed transfer prints
Epson Maker of high quality, reasonably priced photo printers.
Luminos Maker of "archival" quality of inks for a variety of printers
Iris The onr that started it all
International association of fine art digital printmakers
ArtByte magazine online

Places that make prints from your digital files

Shops that make Irises
Fineartprint.com in Dumbo
Gamma One conversions makes giclee irises and has prices online along with some other info.
Thunderbird editions in Florida

Daniel Lee
Olivia Parker
Mariko Mori
Maggie Taylor
Anna Tomczak
Anselm Kiefer
Adam Fuss
Lucas Samaras
Bea Nettles
Duane Michals
JP Witkin
Jeff Byrd
John Reuter
Gerhard Richter
Joseph Cornell
Nick Bantok

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