ART 312 Digital Photography
Professor Terry Towery
Wed 6-9:30

Go see the digital print exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum immediatley. It closes tomorrow.
Register for Photo Expo at the Jacob Javits center soon. You are required to attend the expo and write me a 1-2 page visitation report.

this course will focus on intermediate to advanced Adobe Photoshop. You should have some familiarity with Photoshop and photography before entering the course.

Textbook: Real World Photoshop
Recommended reading: Robert Hirsch's Photographic Possibilities: the Creative use of material and processes, Photoshop WOW, Master course in adobe Photoshop

Materials required for course:
zip discs
Film and processing
Camera (preferably manually operated 35 mm)
slide sleeve(s)
Film cleaning materials

Evaluation Criteria:
There will be three assignments @ 15% each = 45%
Midterm Critique
Oral Presentation

Final Portfolio = 40%
Class participation in critiques and lectures = 10%

week 1 Intro to course philosophy slide lecture First assignment given, Extending the image
week 2 Lecture on the Imaging Chain
week 3 Capture Discussion of different types of cameras Digital vs analog Lighting demonstration
week 4 September 19 and 26 are Lehman College Holidays
Scanning and its impact on the output or Garbage In Garbage Out. Flatbed, Slide, PhotoCD, Drum... Resolution, Bit Depth, File size
Scanning demonstration
CD burner
week 5 editing and storage
Digital Tansfers
. Discussion of different output devices.
Iris prints, Dye Sublimation...
Demo of Output devices available. film recorder, laser printers, plotters, inkjets, Projectors, shooting off the screen...
week 6 First Critique Second assignment given The 3rd dimension Anaglyph demonstration
week 7 Immersive imaging eg; QTVR QTVR demo
week 8 Advanced Photoshop Masking
week 9 Advanced Photoshop Compositing
week 10 Second Crit Third assignment given Multiple imagery. Series, scrolls, books...
week 11 Permanence and stability
Reading See
week 12 oral projects given in class
week 13 preparing a portfolio for submission Shooting slides demo
week 14 Third Critique
week 15 Final Critique The final portfolio should consist of at least 15 pieces. High quality, properly labelled slides along with support materials of the works must be submitted at THE BEGINNING OF CLASS for you to pass the course.

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Places that make prints from your digital files

Shops that make Irises
fineartprint in Dumbo
Gamma One conversions makes giclee irises and has prices online along with some other info.
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Olivia Parker
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Maggie Taylor
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IAFADP discussion of longevity