Pixel to Cyberspace


For this semester, this course will focus on digital input and output. Students will be using their skills with Illustrator and PhotoShop, but Quark is emphasized as the program they are learning. As Quark is a text layout program, creating images with text, and using text in conjunction with images is emphasized throughout the course. This course will resemble a lab class, with students constantly learning new ways to output their images, and the requirements these devices entail. Additionally this course focuses on advanced 2D concepts, with an emphasis on using color.

Materials Required for course:
Zip Discs
Epson compatible paper - There are a number of types and brands. There are specific papers for the epson 2000P that are the only papers that this printer accepts.
A wide range of YOUR OWN IMAGES to scan. You must use your own photographs at all times in this course, thre is no scanning of any copyrighted materials allowed.

Textbook: Macworld Photoshop 6 Bible (With CD-ROM) by Deke McClelland ISBN: 0764534904

Skill Set and Key Concepts

Color Management
Paper profiles
Conceptual Approaches to PhotoShop including Collage and Montage
Size, Scale, Pixel Depth
Input Devices
Digital Camera Download, Film  & Slide scanning, flat-bed scanner
Output Devices
Epson, Plotter, Fiery, Fuji, Film output

  Week: 1 Scanner as Camera - Large Output

Concept/Skills: Advanced technical PhotoShop review - quickmask, layers printing tips, channels, paths. Pixel depth/image size relationship.

Assignment: create a collage using the scanner as only input device - no photos scanned. 11x17 - Epson output

Week: 2

Neg./Slide input-Film Output/Digital Output

Concept/Skills: difference in quality/technique and color management issues.

Assignment Resolution

Assignment: Use the negative/Slide scanner to create two prints - same size, one output to film and printed in color darkroom, one output digitally

Week: 3

Digital Camera l

Concept/Skills: Creating Digital Capture - Downloading images to computer -

Assignment: Create a collage image from digital files

Week: 4 

Digital Camera ll

Concept/Skills: Printing Large - scaling up in size - file size management

Assignment: - output to plotter 54" in one direction


Film Output/Digital Output

Concept/Skills: Color Correction

Assignment: Color correct digital files, re-output both to match.
Week: 6

Color Management l - How Color effects space & spatial relationships

Concept/Skills: Illustrator review - film/neg. scanner - Epson - Fiery

Assignment: 1 page image showing space - output on Epson and fiery - use film/negative to input image - Illustrator to add text.
Week: 7

Color Management ll - Quark l

Concept/Skills: Quark Intro - review design principals

Assignment: create 5-page sequence of images/text - using Quark to add text & fields of color. - Choose printer appropriate to output.
Week: 8

Color Management lll - Quark ll

Concept/Skills: Using Quark to make changes

Assignment: expand sequence to 10 pages - reverse color/text relationships to change meaning to opposite.

Week: 9

Color Management lV - Quark lll

Concept/Skills: Conceptualize how/why these images work together - what their final output requires - come as close as you can in size, scale, and overall presentation look.

Assignment: 10-page sequence due

Week: 10

Printing l

Concept/Skills: image in motion

Assignment: Using the Fuji printer to create a triptych
Week: 11

Printing ll

Concept/Skills: image in motion

Assignment: Using the Fuji printer to create a triptych
Week: 12

Create images to go in a space

Concept/Skills: installation issues, creating groups of images, using 2D concepts to suggest space, form, substance

Assignment: create 10 square feet of images designed to fit in space.
Week: 13

Work in Progress

Concept/Skills: Output - large/multiple panel - color management

Assignment: mock up finished - b&w
Week: 14 Review Week - no class  
Week: 15 Final Presentation  Due