Week 1
Session 1



Intro to course
Discuss course objectives and supplies needed. Review basics of internet.

Find an interesting flash based site and send me the URL. Be sure to put ART/CGI 222 in the subject line.

Get the textbook

Week 2
Session 1

session 2


Review Dreamweaver. Including tables, frames, Plug-ins

Server accounts set up. Using the interactive help in Flash.

Chapter 1 in book

Flash Lesson 1 Introduction

Week 3
Session 1

session 2

Using Illustrator
Vector vs bitmap. The Illustrator interface. Bezier curves.

More Illustrator. Exporting Illustrator files to Flash.

Create a logo in Illustrator based on a letterform

Create an interface in Illustrator

Week 4
Session 1

session 2


Advanced Photoshop
Review Photoshop.

optimizing file sizes in Photoshop. Gif vs. Jpeg vs.png... More Photoshop.

Scan at least three of your own images

Create the smallest file possible from the scans

Week 5
Session 1

session 2


Creating a Design Document
The four (I)s of new media design. Information, Interface, interaction, Identity.

Design Elements and Principles -

Midterm Design Document due next Monday!!!

Week 6
Session 1

session 2


Making things in Flash
The flash interface: toolbar, timeline, stage,
Creating simple objects. selecting objects.
Drawing tools and modifiers. Stroke and fill.
Using the VTC training disks.

Chapter 2 in book

Lesson 2

Week 7
Session 1

session 2


Modifying things.
previewing your work.
Symbols. Button states.

lab session for Midterm crit

Chapter 3 in book

lesson 3

Week 8
Session 1

session 2

Midterm Critique
Site must be on server and working by the beginning of class

Continue Crit

Week 9
Session 1

session 2


layers in Flash

Frame by frame animation

Week 10
Session 1

session 2


motion tweening

Shape tweening

Week 11
Session 1

session 2


Putting it all together
Publishing options

Week 12
Session 1

session 2


Making it interactive
Using behaviors

Frame based behaviors

Chapter 15 in book

Week 13
Session 1



Sound and video


Chapter 14 in book

Week 14
Session 1

session 2


lab session
Open lab

open lab

Week 15
Session 1

session 2


All work must be up on the server by the beginning of class. no excuses!!!